Ted, this is well overdue. Unfortunately life goes by too quickly, work, work and more work and we have some illness in the family over the last two years.

I never trusted the internet to purchare anything, not even to pay my bills, call me old fashioned. However, my son trusted an internet auction site and purchased a 1962 Impala. The seller assured him everything was in fair to good working order, including the frame. Once we got the car, tried to get some restoration done, no mechanic in the state would touch the vehicle, you see there was no frame, it was totally rotted. This particular aution trader took great advantage of a young 18 year old, and took his money (lots of it) and ran.

We took the rotted car to Ted Vernon and not only did he take it off our hands, he traded another Impala for my son. This as in 2007, again, I apologize for not writing in sooner.

Ted you took care of everything for us, even brought the car up to Palm Beach County from Miami for our convenience. The car is doing great and so are we. Thank you for your honesty and integrity, these values should not be taken for granted in the classic car business and you certainly have both these qualities.

We hope this finds you well and we will continue to refer friends and family to you. God Bless you for your honesty and help with our particular situation. Please free to post this on your web site for all to see what an honest person you are to do business with!

Suzanne and Bill

It was absolutely a pleasure meeting you this weekend. I was blown away by your personality and generosity. I thank you for professional service and kind conversation as an individual. I truly believe loyalty, respect and understanding helps us live longer and makes life much more enjoyable. I truly thank you for everything. I feel I have a friend that’s trustworthy, fun and enjoy the same hobby I so dearly love.

Moreover, the 1980 Malibu is my dream come true. When I pulled up that afternoon I couldn’t believe it. Currently, I have one but the investment I would have made into it probably would have been less but your car has everything I needed. I love the cars you’ve collected. I haven’t seen any other facility with a wide variety of classic cars to choose from like yours. I definitely would by another car from you in the near future. I’m sure my family will as well.

It's been a pleasure and I hope to see you sometime soon.


O'Hara M. Tommie

TED, A couple of days ago I found your web site "SOUTH BEACH CLASSICS" while searching the internet looking for a truck that was a little different from the everyday streetrod. I found (2) that caught my eye. Now, for my problem, I was looking to trade my trucks, when I spoke with you I was caught off guard by your willingness to look at my trucks. I sent photos and information for you to look at, the next day I recieved your reply, "They both look nice to me, lets talk" My next e-mail must have had 20 questions about one of the trucks, along with requests for photos and measurements, of which, I feel you went out of your way to cover all of my concerns. Being a CHEVY/GMC person I was looking at your 41 GMC CABOVER, REALLY A GREAT LOOKING CUSTOM TRUCK, the only problem being the height of the cab and distance between the steps, My wife is disabled and it would be really hard for her getting into the cab and even worse getting out, as with the truck I now have, she can slide out letting her feet touch the ground ( I really liked this truck, but I love my wife more) Ted, it was really a pleasure talking with you, I can not remember ever dealing with a owner/sales person that was as up front and honest with me, and did not try to talk me into making a deal. I would not hesitate to recommend your web site to any of my friends or club members, thank you for all your time.

Your 38 DODGE truck is the 2ND truck I liked, but, I am a CHEVY/GMC person, anyway I showed the photo of it to my wife, she likes it and says it looks like it would be easier to get in, It does have a CHEVY engine, so tonight I will be giving it a lot of thought and will call you tomorrow.



I never trusted internet regarding cars... Until i spoke to Robin on the phone regarding my dreaming car...

Ask any of my freinds and they will tell you: Guillaume the French guy? he will never buy anything on internet if he doesn't see it in person!" Well now you can be sure that you have changed my mind!

I was just looking around on internet and found your website! I was and i am still very impressed by the numbers of classic or exotic cars that you have for sale! An even with all that choice, you spoke to me like you knew me for so long :O) You're not only professional in the classic car business, but you are as well HONEST! Which is not that common now a days in your industry! And i do beleive that you consider your customer not only as guests, but as freinds!

So thank you for sending me all the detailed pictures of my Mustang!

Thank you for keeping my dreaming car in your garage until i pay off the entire amount without puting pressure on me!

Thank you for providing me with the best contact regarding the transportation of my car from Miami to Newport Beach in California where I live :O)

I now understand why you and your wife have been for over 30 years in the car business... And that's what makes the difference :O)


Dear Ted,

I want to thank you for making my purchase of the 1960 Buick from www.SouthBeachClassics.com such a personable and entertaining negotiation! I have to comment on your exuberance and joie de verve. If I wasn't going to purchase a car, I'd call just to hear what you had to say for the day! It's easy to see why you are Florida's premier Classic Car business.

It isn't often in my experience, which is 35 years of being a business man and classic car lover that you make an inquiry on a Sunday and less than 48 hours later are furnished accurate, honest information in its entirety. And to be furnished with photos from every angle along with the car's history – suffice it to say I knew you were a man who knew his business. You gave me every bit of information that I imagine you want when you purchase a classic automobile.

Securing an autographed photo of the cast of the TV series, Burn Notice, which featured this automobile in several episodes, was extremely generous and greatly appreciated. And knowing I'm a Minnesotan – aka a Vikings fan – the autographed Brett Favre photo was the icing on the cake!

Again, thank you for your professionalism throughout this buying process. To call Ted Vernon Specially Automobiles and speak with you directly Ted, with any questions, was a pleasure indeed. Your staff could not have been more accommodating either. Vanessa went the extra mile and did an outstanding job with finding transportation and seeing the deal through to final delivery.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

With utmost thanks,

Minnesota Jim

Dear Ted,

I would like to thank-you for personally taking time with Marty & I in making our(his) experience looking for Marty's dream car such a pleasant one. We enjoyed our day with you & your lovely wife. We would definitely recommend You to all our friends and acquaintances who may be looking for a super vintage automobile to call Ted at Ted Vernon's Specialty Automobiles Inc..

Marty was like a kid in a candy store and hasn't stopped talking about the day he spent with Ted.

May God Bless You & You Wife and Your Son,


Sharon & Marty


I just wanted to thank you for the most pleasant and memorable car purchase we have ever experienced. You and your staff are among the friendliest and most professional people we've met in South Florida in quite a while.

We are looking forward to the hours of enjoyment we will get out of the '39 Chevy truck and look forward to doing business with you again in the not to distant future (first we need to save a little more "toy" money).

Again, thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

Raymond and Linda Maddy

Dear Ted – once again it was a 100% pleasure visiting with you today. I will not do business with any other automobile dealer. You are the most knowledgeable guy in the business that I have ever met and you are trustworthy. And trustworthy is more important than knowledge.

Thanks again.

Wm. R. Middelthon, Jr.

The '72' Caddy convertible we bought from your company is awesome. This is our first classic car and we are very excited.

I want to tell you that I appreciate the whole experience, including our phone conversations, our visit, and the delivery of the car.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and your employees. Yall made this a very simple transaction.

I look forward to dealing with you in the future, and I feel confident that we can handle all of our business over the phone.

I have seen your business first hand and trust your judgment of the cars that you have available, both quality and price.

Although, I did enjoy seeing your collection first hand. It is sweet.

Thanks again,

Scott Varnum

Hello my name is Gus Manessis, from Ft Lauderdale. I have owned countless classics in my lifetime. This was the first time I had ever been taken care of like family. At Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, Inc.

The staff is amazing, no pressure no bull and honest prices. I can not imagine buying another classic from anyone else. If you are in the market to buy a classic go to Ted Vernon Specialty Autos first and you will see why I am raving about them.

Your new friend,

Gus Manessis